Southern Gulf Islands Volunteer Program

The SGI Volunteer Program’s mission is to advance the quality of volunteerism and community engagement by providing non-profit organizations on the Southern Gulf Islands with support, resulting in strong and healthy communities through volunteerism.  Our goal is to serve the important causes on the Southern Gulf Islands, and fill the gaps in community support using the skills and tools of our talented Volunteers.

Opportunities & Benefits for SGICRC Volunteers:

  • Help facilitate Newcomers’ Club programming

  • Discounts on CRC workshops, rental & service fees

  • Facilitate a Mentorship Program – Retired Leaders & Professionals

  • Develop a Youth Volunteer Engagement Program

  • Participate in all Island Kindness projects & programs


Island Kindness Project

The Island Kindness Project was created when COVID-19 hit our community.  It was set up to help support members of our community who were self-isolating or in quarantine with occasional basic out-of-home errands and other activities.  The Island Kindness program has since expanded to include the assembly of activity kits for the general public’s enjoyment, a free jigsaw puzzle library available to keep the community entertained, and continued support that helps bring comfort to individuals and the community. Please know that your kindness, no matter how small can make a huge difference.  Volunteer support is continually needed to carry on this project, please email if you would like to participate.

Retired Leaders & Professionals – Mentorship Program

The Southern Gulf Islands are fortunate to attract many skilled and experienced retired professionals.  The SGICRC facilitates a Mentorship Program to share this treasure-trove of knowledge and skills with the broader community.  We hope you decide to share your expertise with us by becoming mentors to the next generation of leaders and community builders.

Please email to let us know about your skills and experience.