Southern Gulf Islands Volunteer Program

The SGI Volunteer Programs mission is to advance the quality of volunteerism and community engagement by providing non-profit organizations on the Southern Gulf Islands with services and supports to work together to build a strong and healthy community through volunteerism. 

Our goal for 2020 is to improve our capacity so that we can recruit and support volunteers of all ages and stages of life, serve the important causes on the Southern Gulf Islands, and provide direct training to staff and volunteers. Our short term goals include:

  •  Continue providing Volunteer Fairs, Volunteer Appreciation events, Non-profit Leaders Networking Meetings and training opportunities. 
  • Develop a Youth Volunteer Engagement program.
  • Set-up an SGI Non-profit Organization database
  • Set-up an online volunteer opportunities page
  • Improve training opportunities for organizations
  • Develop a Newcomers Group for each island (Pender only for now)
  • Shared grant database for organizational members of the Volunteer Centre

The development of the Volunteer Program is an exciting time and there will be lots of opportunities for skills development and personal growth. If you would like to volunteer please email: 

Register as an SGI CRC Volunteer Here!


Island Kindness Project

The Island Kindness Project has been set up to help support members of our community who are self-isolating or in quarantine with occasional basic out-of-home errands and other activities; you are not alone.

We will also help connect people with volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can help by delivering food, picking up groceries, calling an isolated person, or help with by gardening, and lots of other jobs that will help to bring comfort to individuals and the community. It’s entirely up to. Your community kindness, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.

Click the button below to register, and we will be in touch to connect you with a person who needs a bit of kindness in their life right now.

Click here to VOLUNTEER TO HELP            


** Helping others not only makes a difference to our community—and even to the wider world—it can also support your own mental health and well-being. Much of the anguish accompanying this pandemic stems from feeling powerless. Volunteering, and doing kind and helpful acts for others can help you regain a sense of control over your life—as well as add meaning and purpose.


Southern Gulf Islands Volunteer Program Benefits

The Volunteer Program is still in the formation stage of development. Let us know which services interest you and if there are any other services you think would be of help your organization.

– Annual Volunteer Fair – October (presently on Pender only)

– Annual Volunteer Appreciation – April

– Access to future grant database

– Access to a future volunteer advertising web page

Retired Leaders & Professionals – Mentorship Program

Social Media advertising of volunteer positions

Volunteer Management Resource Material

Monthly Executive Directors Meetings (videoconference)

Discounts on workshops  

Discounted rates for CRC rentals and services (For example: video conferencing system,  board room use, bookkeeping, Zoom meetings, advertising assistance…)

Membership fees TBD – roll out of new services will begin January 2020.


Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Job Title – Volunteer Centre Development Assistant

Potential Duties & Responsibilities:

Assist in the development and creation of a Southern Gulf Islands Volunteer Centre and associated programs. Activities can include: establish relationships with local non-profit organizations, data entry, volunteer position development, activity coordination (Volunteer Fair, Newcomers Group, Mentorship Program, Workshops…), research,  provide information, administration duties or grant writing.

Commitment Required:

Minimum of six hours per month, maximum is at your discretion.


Gain valuable work experience, receive training, and work from an office with access to a teleconference system, computer, internet. Meet and work with exceptional people whose goal is to build local capacity for effective local volunteering.

Where: Galiano, Mayne, Pender,  Saturna


Retired Leaders & Professionals – Mentorship Program

The Southern Gulf Islands are fortunate to attract many skilled and experienced retired professionals. The breadth of knowledge you bring to the island is a treasure-trove. We hope you decide to share your knowledge with us, becoming mentors to the next generation  of leaders and community builders.

Sign up, let us know about your skills and experience and we will introduce you to projects that could use your help. You decide on the project that interests you and the framework and amount of your involvement.

Organizations – Does your organization need a unique skill set? Are you looking for a mentor? Do you have a set term project that needs someone with exceptional experience? Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to match you up.

SGI Volunteer Program–



Information for Community Organizations
Getting a criminal record check can be a difficulty on the islands; why not sign up for online Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector check’s? It’s simple, and very quick for volunteers, to sign up just go to this Government of BC website.

Information for people considering volunteering
15 Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

For more information on Volunteer opportunities on the Southern Gulf Islands please email:




Pender Island Volunteer Fair
Friday October 25, 2019
1:45 – 4:30

Pender Island Community Hall
4418 Bedwell Harbour Road

Learn about the many opportunities to get involved, make a difference and have fun in the community.

Whether you are looking to learn new skills, share your knowledge, or take a break from the stresses of school or work there are volunteering options for everyone.

There is no fee for the public to to attend a Volunteer Fair and it is a great opportunity to learn about non profit organizations and charities across Pender Island.

15 minute presentations include:
– Volunteering Abroad: Benefits for Work and Life
– Mental Wellness through Volunteering
– Volunteering to boost your Resume
– Health Benefits of Volunteering



Southern Gulf Islands Youth Engagement Team
– A Leadership & Volunteer Program


Youth between the ages of 13-29 are invited to  join this fun and rewarding program. There is no cost to join and we will help you: develop new skills, increase your community network, work collaboratively with a wide range of partners, and engage as a volunteer in a meaningful way.

You are between the ages of 13-29.

  • Go through an intake meeting and complete a Criminal Records Check.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of a group volunteering event.
  • Research and work with several local non-profit organizations
  • Available to meet Saturdays by videoconference or on Pender Island (fare paid).
  • A helpful and positive attitude.

What do you get out of the experience?

  • Career related training & skill development.
  • Volunteer hours to support graduation requirements.
  • Leadership & event planning opportunities.
  • Networking & meeting new friends.
  • References upon the successful conclusion of your participation.
  • Enjoyment & amazing memories of group volunteering in community.

FMI or to register, please contact Andrea Mills (Pender) by e-mail or drop by your local SGI Community Resource Centre and chat with the lovely staff people.