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We’re turning the tide, coming together, sticking through all the stormy weather

The plan is in motion, we move like the ocean, let the waves take us somewhere better

Cause’ I’m done running, I’m done hiding, I’m here with something to say

We’re turning the tide to a new day

So grab us a kayak, paddle around, from the north down to Puget Sound

With the wind as our sail, we’ll dance with the whales,

until we’re Pender Island bound

Then here comes the singer, singing his song, till’ the whole coast is singing along

Like turning a tide


I’m in love with the islands, in love with the shores,

I don’t think I could love em’ anymore

In love with the people, in love the towns, in love with the sights, I’m in love with the sounds

In love with the feeling, the feeling I get, it’s a feeling I could never forget

Like turning a tide


It’s gonna get higher