The Crisp is proud to present Martyn Joseph on
Sunday, April 16 at 7 pm
(Doors Open at 6:30 pm)
at the Pender Island Community Hall.
Tickets are available at Talisman Books or
register and purchase your tickets online at
this link:

This is a Crisp 2023 Fundraiser Concert.

The Crisp Festival September 9th and 10th 2022

@ Pender Community Hall, Pender Island/S,DÁYES

We are very excited to announce Pender Island/S,DÁYES second festival, The Crisp! Mark your calendars for Sept 9-10!

The Crisp is a two day festival inspired by the SGI Community Resource Centre Society’s 2020 apple event “Let No Apple Be Wasted.”


Instagram: @the_crispfestival

  • Join us for fun, enjoyable happenings aimed at fostering community well-being through music, poetry, transformational storytelling circles through themed panel discussions. Scheduled art activities, apple related activities and instructional workshops help compliment the SGICRC’s mandate on farming sustainability and the promotion of environmental projects.
  • We encourage all from the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and the Mainland to join us!
  • This year we have ticketed evening concerts to help us with costs. A steal of a deal at $35 for both nights! Youth free. Daytime by donation would be great! Tickets on sale now at Talisman Books p. 250 629 6944 or online here.
  • All donations will go towards paying contributors and production. This is a community driven festival organised by volunteers under the umbrella of the SGICRC.
  • We are now actively recruiting volunteers in particular for set-up, take down, security [ take heart, it will hopefully not be needed! ], monitoring various activities. Contact Ilse
  • Current Covid-19 protocols will be in place and respectful distancing encouraged. Thank you for your consideration of others!
  • Most activities happening at The Crisp will hopefully be outdoors, so dress for the weather,bring a chair or blanket to sit on, bring your own picnic items or snacks BUT there will be a Beer Garden available and a few food vendors, especially on Saturday.
  • Thank you for taking your own garbage home with you!
  • Hand sanitizer will be available around the Festival site and soap/water is available at the Hall washrooms.
  • Social distancing is encouraged.
  • Parking is available at the Hall but car pooling, biking encouraged.
  • All dogs brought into the Crisp Festival grounds must remain leashed.


We hope everyone has a fabulous weekend celebrating community wellbeing and all things apple related!

Artists, Poets, Storytellers


and/or adapted by Jo Beattie  

The Crisp Finale Song to be led this year by Sarah Smith and Friends



We’re turning the tide, coming together, sticking through all the stormy weather

The plan is in motion, we move like the ocean, let the waves take us somewhere better

Cause’ I’m done running, I’m done hiding, I’m here with something to say

We’re turning the tide to a new day

So grab us a kayak, paddle around, from the north down to Puget Sound

With the wind as our sail, we’ll dance with the whales,

until we’re Pender Island bound

Then here comes the singer, singing his song, till’ the whole coast is singing along

Like turning a tide


I’m in love with the islands, in love with the shores,

I don’t think I could love em’ anymore

In love with the people, in love the towns, in love with the sights, I’m in love with the sounds

In love with the feeling, the feeling I get, it’s a feeling I could never forget

Like turning a tide


It’s gonna get higher


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