• Youth Programs

Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of young people on all the Southern Gulf Islands from ages 11 to 29. Our programming enables preteen, youth, and young adults to build self-esteem and confidence through learning new community leadership skills.

Youth Engagement and Volunteering

The Youth Engagement and Volunteering Initiative commenced in 2017 as a collaborative activity between the Pender Community Hall and the SGICRC.

Our Goals

  1. Engage SGI community youth in volunteerism.
  2. Develop programs to support SGI youth in volunteering.
  3. Create an accessible database of volunteer opportunities for SGI community members.

Past work: In December 2019, funding from Volunteer Victoria broadened the initiative and 51 youth, completed 143 hours of volunteer time with a multitude of organizations. This set the youth engagement and volunteering initiative on track to more than 30 meetups, workshops, a weekly Gardening Party, group biking, group walks and more.

Activities, we currently offer :

  • Weekly Youth Volunteer Hub Meetings
  • Regular Social Events 
  • Creation of Web Resources
  • Regular ‘Volunteer for a Day’ program 
  • Volunteer Opportunity Matching Program
  • Volunteer Mentorship Program 
  • Skills Training
  • Social Media Presence

Summer 2021 Programs

SGI Non-profit Leaders Network

The monthly meetup is a place for SGI Non-profit Leaders to have a place to discuss issues, trends and connect with each other. With no agenda, topics are diverse, meaningful and very valuable for those in attendance.  The next meeting will be held August 5 at 10:30. FMI or to register, email sgivolunteercentre@gmail.com


Pender Pride Picnic and Allyship Week of Activities

Come to the Pender Pride Picnic, August 8 from 12pm-3pm at the Community Hall and enjoy a fun-filled day of face-painting, queer artists and music, arts and crafts, and snacks!  Or sign up to volunteer with face painting, set-up and clean-up.  In the days before and after, join some of our other fun Allyship Activities that include:

Aug 6, 6 -7 pm at the Pender Community Hall – Start shattering the movie magic, come join us in watching a documentary about conversion therapy.

Aug 11,  5 – 6 pm Virtual workshop – Kick off our “Hot Topic Chats” with the first virtual seminar, where we discuss allyship, LGBTQ+ focused education, resilience and history during the Pender Pride week.

Aug 19 4 -7 pm at the Pender Epicentre- Zine making workshop (live streamed) in collaboration with Youth Activity Night. Come for a fun and celebratory night of making zines to celebrate queer resilience and the beauty of the LGBTQ+ community.

For more information email youthprograms@sgicommunityresources.ca or see our page on Instagram sgiyouth.

‘Hot topic chats,’ current topics which are affecting young people, Wednesdays – 5-6pm      

Come join us to chat and discuss pressing “hot topics’’ which are affecting young people today, such as eco-anxiety, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, racism, decolonization,  mental wellness and wellbeing and how to support yourself so you can support others. These are going to be virtually weekly activities to engage with other young people and figure out what we can do as a community to tackle these topics! Come join us for these weekly virtual workshops on Wednesdays, 5 – 6p m to learn and contribute to the discussion!  For more information email youthprograms@sgicommunityresources.ca or see our page on Instagram sgiyouth.

Shattering the Movie Magic – Movie Debriefing Series

August 6 – bi-weekly, join us for bi-weekly discussions on your favourite movies, beginning with a film about conversion therapy to connect up with local Pride week and continue with other “big box” movies that youth can suggest. We will discuss the issues and feelings that arise when watching movies and will decolonize and apply a critical lens to childhood favourites.  It is time to break down the movie magic and get critical!  For more information email youthprograms@sgicommunityresources.ca or see our page on Instagram sgiyouth.

Food Workshops and Programs

Sunday August 15, 2 – 5 pm

ONLINE!  Jam and Chutney Workshop.  Join us as we learn to make some delicious blackberry jam and chutney.  For more information, contact penderhallheritage@gmail.com or call 250-629-3669

Sunday August 22, 2 – 5 pm

ONLINE!  Tomato Canning Workshop.  Learn about water canning of everyone’s favourite TOMATOES.  Don’t forget to take your jar home with you!  For more information, contact penderhallheritage@gmail.com or call 250-629-3669

Sunday, August 29, 2 – 5 pm

ONLINE!  Fermentation Workshop.  We’ll be creating a tasty, fermented cabbage today, you won’t want to miss it!  For more information, contact penderhallheritage@gmail.com

Open Mic and Jam at Pender Community Hall

3:00 – 6:00 Wednesdays at the Farmers Food-only Markets, come and play informally and unamplified. Everyone is welcome; it’s a great environment to express your talents!

Youth Activity Night

The Pender Community Hall is partnering with the SGI Community Resource Centre and the Epicentre to host a weekly Youth Night.  Registration is required and limited to youth 13 – 21 years old, FMI call 250-629-3669 email bookings@penderislands.org

Adventure Earth – Weekly

The Community Resource Centre is partnering with the Pender Community Hall for weekly activity for youth 13 – 18 years interested in outdoor leadership, wilderness skills, environmental leadership, food security, farming skills and civic engagement!  Older youth may be interested in joining as assistant leaders!  Each week is something different, we may challenge ourselves to climb a mountain, go to a local farm to meet the animals and help in the garden, volunteer to help a local organization, travel off island to a special site, or learn how to lead games and other activities!  FMI call 250-629-3669 or email bookings@penderislands.org

Heritage Skills Keepers

The Community Resource Centre is partnering with the Pender Community Hall for this fun group.  Are you knowledgeable or skilled in self sufficiency skills?  Are you a D.I.Y. savant?  Are you a Fall Fair champion?  The youth and adults of our community need your help!  The unpredictability of the world has ignited their desire to gain the lost arts of homesteading and self sufficiency and they would like mentorship and guidance.  This group of knowledgeable and want to be knowledgeable, will meet regularly to talk about what skills and experiences are needed to manage more like our homesteader forebearers.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining us or what skills you can share.  Call 250-629-3669 or email bookings@penderislands.org

Current Programs

Leadership For the Earth (Ongoing)

Leadership for the Earth is an outdoor environmental leadership program for Pender Island youth ages 13 – 18.

The program meets biweekly on Friday afternoons for outdoor at-a-distance activities related to outdoor leadership, environmental awareness, and food security.

We also have a monthly newsletter with virtual resources and activities. This program is run in collaboration with the Pender Islands Community Hall. 

Across the Ages (Ongoing)

This is an initiative run in collaboration between the Pender Islands Community Hall and the Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre.

The intention of this program is to provide an opportunity for intergenerational connection, knowledge sharing, laughter, and collective joy during what is a stressful and isolating time for many people in our communities.

We run virtual programming connecting youth community members (19 and under) and senior community members (55+) in Southern Gulf Islands communities.

Community Development Leader Program (Ongoing) – Winter 2020

Winter 2020 / 2021

The SGI CRC welcomed ten enthusiastic youth aged 18-29 to our team in October 2020.  With their broad range of interests and talents they hit the ground running as Community Development Leaders (CDLs) on each of the Southern Gulf Islands.

They spent the next 4 months working collaboratively and individually on a variety of projects that benefit the community while also undergoing training and gaining certifications in several different fields.

Despite the added challenge of pandemic restrictions, the CDLs accomplished a great deal during their four-month contract with the SGI CRC.  Trail building occurred on both Saturna and Mayne Island with some trail planning on Pender set for the spring.

In addition to the trail building training, the CDLs underwent rigorous Wildland Fire Operations and Safety training through their home island Fire Halls as well as First Aid training allowing them to be certified through the Red Cross.

On top of the physical training, the Community Development Leader Program helped connect the CDLs to non-profit organizations on their home islands which allowed them to develop program planning skills through creating new social programs this winter including the revamped Computer Savvy Seniors program and the Board Game Library at the Galiano Community Hall.

They also acted as support staff at the SGI CRC offices and assisted with ongoing projects and COVID relief efforts specific to their home islands such as the Mayne Island Food Bank and the Galiano Soup & Bread program. The ingenuity and adaptability of the Community Development Leaders allowed them to truly make a positive impact on the SGI community.

We thank them for their work and look forward to the future of the CDL program! 

Watch our Facebook page and this site for future intakes for this program.

Youth Development Leadership Program (Ongoing)

Designed to engage youth from 18 to 29 regardless of their academic or abilities, this 2-year-old initiative builds self-confidence, leadership soft skills and perspective while helping teens create meaningful change in their lives and the lives of others through an experience-based learning approach.

To date, the Youth in this program have been involved in:

  • Learning to run a community cafe. 
  • Selling at the market – entrepreneurship 
  • Developing community gatherings/events 
  • Preparing advertising and marketing Island programs 
  • Providing information to tourists,
  • Helping in gardens 
  • Contributing to trail maintenance projects
  • Helping to carry out retail inventories.
  • Advanced skills training

Volunteer hours support graduation requirements, and references upon the successful conclusion of participation.  With added skills, the young people are also be able to access selected training courses and education sessions offered at the SGICRC in its Employment program. Community development and leadership are key skills learned in the initiative as the Island youth work together and volunteer at different locations within their communities. 

Youth Garden Meet-ups (Summer 2020)

During July and August 2020, the Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre and the Pender Islands Community Hall collaborated to run youth leadership and skill development activities at the Pender Islands School Garden.

We helped to fix the fence and deer-proof the garden, learned how to save seeds, painted bed labels, made mosaic stepping stones, and enjoyed snacks made with ingredients from the garden. 

Youth Volunteer Hub (Summer 2020)

The Youth Volunteer Hub was a program with the purpose to support youth volunteerism and leadership development on the Southern Gulf Islands (Pender, Galiano, Mayne, and Saturna). This program ran from June to August 2020.

We ran regular social and volunteer opportunities, skill and career development workshops, and helped youth find volunteering opportunities that excited them. This included events like movie and board game nights, bike rides, resume and cover letter workshops, and cooking workshops.