The Sustainable Funding Initiative (SGI SFI) is designed to meet the grant and grant writing needs of Southern Gulf Island non-profit organizations. The SGISFI combines resource knowledge, education and training, outreach and direct support to increase fund acquisition for island organizations. As SGI non-profits access new and sustainable funding, their capacity to deliver critical programs, services and infrastructure to rural island residents will grow, and generate positive outcomes for community health and resiliency.

The Sustainable Funding Initiative is still in its infancy, but some of our program goals include:

1)      Create a Resource Database

The database will include information about grants and foundations, but also:

  • Educational resources such as guides, workshops and templates

  • A matching function for fund-seeking organizations and private donors

  • Opportunities for pro-bono or in-kind contributions from local businesses

  • College and university practicums or applied project opportunities

2)      Develop and Deliver Training and Education Opportunities 

 The SGISFI will develop educational resources for SGI non-profits. This will include in-person workshops or webinars with built-in networking opportunities. We will also engage fund development experts to deliver training on the following subjects:

  • Responding to specific opportunities (eg. BC Bid, Foundation development grants, etc.)

  •  Building relationships with funders/Applicant ‘Etiquette’

  • What funders are looking for

  • How to research grant opportunities

  • Proposal writing 101.

3)      Provide Outreach to Build Capacity  

We will engage with organizations on Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna to introduce our purpose, share our database and obtain feedback to improve our service and maximize outcomes.

4)      Offer Direct Support to Organizations

Along with providing access to educational resources and grant information, we will provide hands-on support to some organizations on a case-by-case basis. Activities could include:

  • Assisting groups to gathering relevant organizational information (bylaws, certificates  of incorporation, etc.)

  • Providing templates for proposal writing

  • Working with groups to articulate goals, connect to funding opportunities, and make successful applications for funding

  • Assisting groups to understand funder requirements, relationship development with funders

To start receiving grant writing support and information, please fill out our Non-Profit Information Form. This will provide you access to:

  • The monthly grant newsletter

  • Grant information tailored to your organization’s unique needs

  • Special member rates for all Volunteer Victoria course offerings*

  •  Information about all upcoming engagement sessions, training and education opportunities

  • Details about our SGI Non-Profit Leaders Network roundtables

  • Updates on resources, as they become available.

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Upcoming Courses & Events

Past Programs:

Minute Taking Workshop

With Mamie Hutt Temoana

Thursday November 4 2021

10am – 12pm

$30 per person

These are just a few (of many) courses to be offered by the Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre to provide additional support and training opportunities to our hard-working SGI non-profits and volunteers.  To stay updated about future course offerings, to receive our monthly grant newsletter, and to learn about new resources as they become available, please contact