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Rising Tide Business Services Coordinator – POSITION DESCRIPTION 

Rising Tide Business Services is a new initiative of the Rural Islands Economic Partnership  Society of British Columbia (RIEP). 

This initiative is in full alignment with RIEP’s leadership role of helping to build sustainable rural  island economies, in partnership with Indigenous Communities, by leveraging the combined  economic strength of BC’s 18 + islands, to build a shared, coherent vision and operational plan  for community economic vibrancy that generates long-term economic well-being without depleting natural or social resources.

Rising Tide Business Services, will pool demand for cost-effective services designed to meet the  unique needs of rural island businesses and non-profit organizations. Rural islanders and RIEP  members can access ongoing marketing support and strategic business services to support sales  growth and year-round income. The result is strong island economies that preserve the unique  cultures and well-being of each of these communities. Rising Tide Business Services includes the  Island COMEBACK Marketplace, a program currently serving as an online revenue generation service for rural island small businesses and non-profits.


We are seeking a motivated, client-focused and entrepreneurial individual to join our team who  has lived or worked in BC’s coastal communities or in any of BC’s rural island communities.  Reporting to the Manager of Business Development & Marketing (the Manager) the Rising Tide  Business Services Coordinator will fill a dynamic role in the start-up of this initiative as we strive to  support rural islanders in Covid recovery and beyond. The Coordinator will support businesses  through the operation of the Online Marketing Help Line that will be a premier resource for rural  islanders, providing troubleshooting for online marketing needs and referrals for free and low-cost  resources and support. In concert with the help line, the Coordinator will also support the  administrative and operational tasks that that will build this initiative into a valuable asset for the  sustainability and growth of rural island economies. They will work closely with the Manager to  define delivery standards, identify and onboard service experts and ensure client satisfaction in all  aspects of the service delivery.

Rising Tide Business Services Coordinator – Position Description



1. Develop a repertoire of online marketing resources and local supports per business sector  to assist rural islanders

2. Manage email and telephone inquiries from RIEP membership to support helpline efforts  3. Set specific and consistent weekly helpline hours for business support  4. Conduct basic research on behalf of Helpline clients and provide solution support via email  and phone

5. Catalogue frequently asked questions and build database for tracking and monitoring  trends

6. Support clients by providing sound counsel that will help them to make informed choices  about the marketing channels that will best suit their business needs

7. Undertake research to assess similar programs and identify market opportunities and recommend customized deliverables within the capabilities of the Program

Key Responsibilities: MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS

1. Support applications and proposals for sponsorship and partnership opportunities 2. Uphold the Rising Tide communications and marketing plan

3. Develop and coordinate the social media plan with the Manager and monitor campaign  engagement

4. Support business development through strategic marketing efforts developed in concert  with the Manager

5. Engage with rural island partners and organizations through routine communication to  support proactive outreach

Key Responsibilities: ADMINISTRATION

1. Identify and execute administrative tasks related to service delivery, such as developing  templates and forms to standardize operations

2. Maintain database of business and clients and work with Manager to design contact lists as  required

3. Undertake client satisfaction surveys

4. Coordinate engagement and administration of service providers /subject matter experts
5. Provide monthly reports on KPI’s for review by Manager

6. Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

Rising Tide Business Services Coordinator – Position Description


1. Demonstrated experience working in digital marketing, IT or media management, business development and business operations, or in a not-for-profit environment

2. Diploma or undergraduate degree in Communications, Marketing, Commerce or Business Administration or equivalent experience

3. Fluent in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Google suite and other online project  management tools

4. Flexible with demands of a start-up business and responsive to emails and calls outside of  typical working hours

5. Pro-active problem management skill set

6. Proven customer service and client relations experience, sensitive to the pressures
7. Ability to multi-task in a fast paced, demanding environment with a high attention to detail and strong organizational abilities

8. Candidates must have lived or worked BC’s coastal communities or rural islands SALARY & COMPENSATION

This is a 12-month, part-time employment contract, working remotely. Compensation based on experience $26,000/yr, and two weeks paid accrued vacation.


Submit to Attention: Rising Tide Services Position via email to with one pdf  file including your cover letter (maximum 1 page) and resume (maximum 3 pages) by 5 pm PDT on  Friday, April 30, 2021.

Registered Office: Unit 201 – 118 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2S4   | 

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