Impacts on Southern Gulf Island Businesses and Community Organizations

The Southern Gulf Islands are a wonderful place to live and play but the affordable housing crisis that we are experiencing is having a negative impact. With the thriving tourist population that we see each year in the  SGIs, our requirement for workforce accommodation is essential for our Island communities to function, in both the shoulder season and in the busiest summer months. 

May through September are of significant consequence as the lack of workforce housing is adversely affecting the functionality of community-owned and operated businesses. Residents are keenly aware of the issue as we see our community’s amenities fluctuate with staffing shortages, and have both our year round and seasonal services be affected.  We see the listings on our local social media pages of individuals and families looking for both short and long – term accommodations or to witness contributing community members being forced to move again or worse yet, away from the Island , for lack of housing opportunities – we need an immediate and allowable solution! The Housing NOW Project hopes that by facilitating regional home sharing opportunities, we may bridge the gap between our Islands’ much needed workforce population with affordable and allowed residential rental opportunities.

Through the hard work and dedication of many community volunteers and concerned stakeholders, there is good work being done in the region and on each Island individually but we need to continue gathering documentation to illustrate the collective Southern Gulf Island housing experience and its potential greater impact on the Islands’ economic sustainability and increasing population.

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