The Housing NOW project is a solution focused opportunity for the workforce population to find living space in our Southern Gulf Island communities. A project that, in essence, allows us,  as homeowners, to support our beloved businesses & non-profits that perennially struggle with the effects of the housing shortage on their employee resource pool. 

With the thriving tourist population of the Southern Gulf Islands, our requirement for workforce accommodation is essential.  May through mid – September are of significant consequence as the lack of housing opportunities for the seasonal workforce negatively impacts our Island economies and functionality of community-owned and operated services and businesses. 

With the recent creation and ongoing additions to our database of potential Hosts & Guests in the Southern Gulf Islands, the Housing NOW Project can coordinate the connection of People and Places. By facilitating home sharing opportunities with Island community members, we may begin to bridge the gap between our much needed workforce population with affordable and allowed accommodations in the SGIs.

 If you are interested in becoming part of the workforce housing solution, please, follow the links below to get involved in the Host program, connect with landlord and tenancy resources or just get in touch.