• Food Security

What is Food Security?

Food security is the continuous access for all people to safe and nutritious food regardless of economic or social status

The concept of food security can be looked at through the principles of the Five A’s:

  1. Availability: Sufficient food for all people at all times.
  2. Accessibility: Physical and economic access to food for all at all times.
  3. Adequacy: Access to food that is nutritious and safe, and produced in environmentally sustainable ways.
  4. Acceptability: Access to culturally acceptable food, which is produced and obtained in ways that do not compromise people’s dignity, self-respect or human rights.
  5. Agency: The policies and processes that enable the achievement of food security.

ref: https://canadianfeedthechildren.ca/the-feed/food-security-guide/


Let No Apple Be Wasted!

Let No Apple Be Wasted is a new program, helping islanders preserve apples. The SGI CRC and the Gulf Islands Food Co-op are bringing preservation equipment, methods, and support to you this September and October.

There are many ways to participate.

You can….

  • Watch a video and learn preservation methods at home. A video will be released in early September with the help of experts and community volunteers on Saturna Island.
  • Glean apples (get free apples) if you are in need.
  • Donate apples if you have too many, and be matched with someone who can pick your apples.
  • Sign up to use equipment including a pressure canner, food dehydrator, and more at a location near you.
  • Sign up to receive free jars and lids if you are in need.

Email penderislandcrc@gmail.com to sign up.

In Partnership With

Seed Programs

Pender Island Seed Donation Program – We have approved starting a seed program on Pender Island in partnership with the Gulf Islands Food Co-Op. This project has purchased a small variety of easily grown vegetable seeds before there is a big ‘rush’ of seed demand in early spring (as was seen in Spring 2020). Seeds will be donated to interested growers in early spring. We also paid for coordination hours for the Gulf Islands Food Co-op.

Mayne Island Seed Library – We supported the growth of the seed library by purchasing a stock of seeds and other supplies in partnership with the Mayne Island Agricultural Society and Fall Fair. The seed library will continue from year to year, and will involve up to 50 islanders of all ages. When people ‘borrow’ seeds at the beginning of the year, they ‘return’ them at the end of the season thus ensuring the continuation of the seed stock. There is an online tool to see what seeds are available.

Community Garden Matching

Are you hoping to grow food on Pender but need garden space? Do you have extra garden space that someone could use this year to grow food for the Island? If so, we will soon post a short questionnaire to help us connect gardens to gardeners. All of your information will be kept confidential and only available to program staff to set up introductions.

Click here to fill out the application 

Coming Soon: Community Garden Mentorship Program

Suddenly there are lots of new people interested in food gardening and food producing, and they have a lot of questions! Fortunately the Southern Gulf Island has lots of experienced and even some master gardeners hopefully willing to pass along the torch of knowledge. This program will match up novice, experienced and master gardeners and food producers on the Southern Gulf Islands so that you can get the best yield possible.


Connect with us

Do you have an idea for a program or event on Mayne, Pender, Galiano, or Saturna Island to promote food security beyond the harvest months?  Do you have a skill that you would like to teach?  Do you have an existing program or event that could use support? We would like to hear from you.

We are looking for innovative program and event ideas. Click on your island below for contact information or view the project application form here.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia