Survey Response: We reached out to many businesses and not-for-profits on Saturna, Galiano, Mayne, and Pender islands, and got responses from 52 businesses, and 37 not-for-profits. The survey questions ask about the current situation, and the best approach for each business going into the future. Some examples would be:

  • What adaptations have you made to your business?
  • What government support or policy change would best help your situation?
  • Would you be interested in taking part in an inter-island conversation about recovery methods and priorities, organized by sector?

Click here for the COVID-19 Survey Results.

From those who did want to take part in conversations about similar issues that they were facing, the CRC held a number of meetings with different sectors. We promoted and held meetings with non-profit and community service organizations, tourism service and transportation, and food and agriculture groups. These meetings were meant to facilitate a conversation about similar issues, and how to potentially fix them. The meetings were open to any who wished to participate, and advertised through social media, word of mouth, and invitation to those who stated they wished to participate.

To read more about the sector communications, please click HERE