Our community is facing unprecedented challenges and economic hardship during this time of uncertainty.

The impacts on our financial, social, emotional, and physical well-being are far-reaching and will undoubtedly be long-lasting.  Although several government benefits are now accessible, there are still so many of us who are falling through the eligibility cracks, or who have needs that cannot wait until those funds are received. We are hoping that our community can continue the generous Pender spirit of compassion by contributing to this fund to support our friends and neighbours during this time of need.

To make a donation, please send an e-transfer to with a subject line “For Emergency Funds.”

Those who are in need of assistance —->

Fill out a simple [confidential] application here: CLICK ME

The funds are dispersed in Tru-Value gift cards ($50, $100 or $200 denominations, depending on family size), or in micro-grants (up to $500). This will continue on an ongoing basis, as long as the need exists within the community, and as long as the donations continue.

We are so proud to be part of a community that is truly committed to supporting each other, whether it’s by donating to this fund, calling and checking-in on neighbours, dropping off supplies to those in isolation, or just offering a (physically-distanced) helping hand – there is so much to be grateful for.

Your generous support of this fund enables us to provide tangible help for those who most need it – THANK YOU!


Pender Island

Our small businesses are now trying to re-open and some are facing financial challenges implementing COVID-19 safety measures, such as PPE equipment, special equipment, or online service support (ie e-commerce). This fund is pivoting to the current financial needs and will provide micro grants as funds allow, to help small businesses to purchase what they require to reopen and stay in business.

Our New Reality…
Over the last few months, our world has changed. We have all been affected some way or another by this challenging Pandemic.  As we write this, we hope you are all doing well!

Unfortunately, the small businesses on our islands are not. They are facing unprecedented challenges in their day-to-day operations, and need all the help they can get. We as a community will be stronger if they survive, if there’s something to build upon once we’ve gone back to the new normal. Every little bit will help.

Donate by e-transfer to  with the memo: Island Kindness SBS (Small Biz Support). You can also deposit directly at the Pender Island Savings Account Island Kindness Project noting it is for SBS.  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

If your business has faced financial challenges implementing COVID-19 safety measures, such as PPE equipment, special equipment, or online service support, you may be eligible for a non-repayable microgrant. Please provide us with your details through the confidential form available here.



No one’s an island, no island’s resilient alone.  Together we can make a comeback.

We’re calling on islanders and friends from our global communities to support British Columbia’s rural island farms, businesses, artisans, and services impacted by COVID-19. By purchasing an Island COMEBACK Gift Certificate, or by making a donation, you become a resilient regenerator, helping our rural islands to survive and ensuring we “keep the island vibe alive.”

We are interconnected, belonging to a diverse culture composed of change makers, innovators, and creators of every stripe. Interwoven into the fabric of island culture our island entrepreneurs are natural, fierce, spontaneous, unique spirit questers inviting you to return to well being.

Let your mind travel and capture an island experience by purchasing one of our Island COMEBACK gift certificatesIn doing so, your favourite island business and service will be forever grateful. You can also make a donation, gifting an island community organization or local business with funds to see them through the pandemic.

Island COMEBACK is an ‘official COMMUNITY partner’ with BC Ferries.
This partnership will:
– Raise awareness about the Island COMEBACK project and encourage vendors and customers to visit the Island COMEBACK site.
– Showcase the BC Ferries – Island COMEBACK Partnership. BC Ferries is invested in the well being of the communities they serve! Partnering with Island COMEBACK will show that BC Ferries cares and supports the recovery and resilience of the rural islands.
Island COMEBACK is a, free to the seller, gift certificate program created by Rural Islands Economic Partnership. 6 Quadra Island and 2 Cortes Island businesses are already participating.

Rural Island Economic Partnership – INFO HUB!

To assist rural islanders facing the unprecedented challenges of COVID 19, we’ve put together this valuable resource page to help you navigate the supports available all in one INFO HUB. We’ve now re-organized this page into a Recovery Section with the latest updates and an Archive Section to retrieve past info. This page is updated regularly.


Financial Relief Navigator

Learn about the help you can get to raise your income or lower your expenses in these challenging times.

Click here



Government of BC

Access supports and stay informed about COVID-19 in BC. Do your part.
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ℹ️ COVID-19 financial supports



The CRD Southern Gulf Island Community Economic Sustainability Commission and the SGI Community Resource Center have developed an SGI Economic Recovery and Resiliency framework and are coordinating regional planning to support island communities. A first priority was to engage the non-profit and business community in an organized effort for economic response and recovery in a way that is safe and responsible. This involves direct consultation with a cross section of sectors, including: tourism, the service Industry, service organizations and non-profits, trades & manufacturing/software/technology, food & agriculture, personal services, health & wellness, and emergency services.  Each of these industries is being directed by the Public Health Office to follow guidelines and protocols for re-opening. For information on survey results and Sector engagement sessions CLICK HERE




For re-opening guidelines  CLICK HERE