• Community Capacity

Community Capacity

A growing area, we currently offer :

  • Mediation (family communication)
  • Individual and family support.
  • Navigation and referral to community resources.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Discretionary and time-limited emergency resources such as food and or transportation.

Please call the SGICRC at 250-629-3665  for referrals to Counsellors and further assistance.

ṮEṮÁĆES Revitalization Project

Sharing W̱SÁNEĆ Traditional Knowledge with Southern Gulf Island communities:

The CRC and its partners have recieved approval from the Real Estate Foundation of BC for a $75,000 matching grant for a follow-up project to the successful 2019-20 ṮEṮÁĆES Climate Action Project. The ṮEṮÁĆES Revitalization Project involves the creation of 5 original videos. The central video will be a presentation by Drs Nick Claxton and John Price of U Vic summarizing the key findings in their seminal paper “Whose Land Is It? “Rethinking Sovereignty in British Columbia” published in BC Studies: The British Columbia Quarterly .

Additionally there will be an animated version of the ṮEṮÁĆES creation story which describes how the Creator, XÁLS created ṮEṮÁĆES which translates from SENĆOŦEN as “relatives of the deep.” (AKA the Southern Gulf Islands). Three additional videos will provide a W̱SÁNEĆ perspective on each of three of the Southern Gulf Islands: S,DÁYES/ Pender; S,ḴŦAḴ /Mayne and ṮEḴTEḴSEN/Saturna.  These videos will feature Traditional Knowledge shared by Elders to illustrate the importance of each of these “relatives of the deep” to W̱SÁNEĆ culture.

These videos will be owned by the W̱SÁNEĆ School Board  and provide resources for their curriculum to support revitalization of W̱SÁNEĆ People in their traditional Homeland and with W̱SÁNEĆ consent and oversight the videos will also be used in community forums for the Southern Gulf Islands to enhance the developing community to community relationship that is necessary for progressive reconcilli-action in building more resilient and sustainable communities.

Partners on the project include W̱SÁNEĆ School Board,   W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, UVIC Living Lab Project, and the South Pender Historical Society.

ṮEṮÁĆES Climate Action Project

The Southern Gulf Islands are disproportionately impacted by the climate emergency declared by the Capital Regional District and the Islands Trust. They are particularly vulnerable to risk of wild fire, drought affecting food production, seasonal water shortage and shoreline erosion caused by sea level rise and increased coastal storm surges.

Project Overview

The ṮEṮÁĆES (pronounced “tlu-tla-chus” — The u as in fun, a as in ape) Climate Action Project developed and delivered 3 five-day (30 hour) intensive educational programs that combined current climate science with Traditional Knowledge of the W̱SÁNEĆ people to inform and support decision-making on land use and climate action at both the local and regional levels. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT

The Gulf INLET Project

Island Network of Learning and Experiential Tourism

 The goals of Gulf INLET are to:

  • Promote edu-tourism which helps the environment, economy, and the community
  • Increase employment opportunities for youth
  • Increase opportunities for seniors to share their knowledge and experience
  • Develop partnerships between businesses and organizations
  • Preserve the natural environment
  • Develop a long-term sustainable edu-tourism structure in the Southern Gulf Islands
  • Extend opportunities for tourism activities beyond the summer months
  • We can support through ways such as funds to grow your program, room space, hiring instructors, and more.


Southern Gulf Islands Community Justice Program

The Community Justice Program strives to build safety and trust within the Island communities through the application of peacemaking, dispute resolution, and restorative justice practices. It uses restorative Justice as an alternative to the court system. On the southern Gulf islands referrals are made by the RCMP.

Each of the Southern Gulf islands is its own small society. Each depends on trust between residents. Offences committed in these island societies create immediate harm — a breakdown of trust. This harm affects the victim, the offender, and the community around them. The Restorative Justice process aims at undoing this harm. It offers a support for victims. It gives offenders an opportunity to atone. And it engages affected members of the community.

For more info visit our page or CONTACTJim Peacock, Program Coordinator – email


Islanders Working Against Violence

In the meantime, should you have an emergency please contact IWAV (on Salt Spring):

Islanders Working Against Violence is a non-profit society providing services throughout the Southern Gulf Islands to women and their children affected by poverty, violence, and abuse. IWAV also provides affordable housing to individuals, families, seniors, and people with disabilities. In our anti-violence services and housing, IWAV welcomes all women, inclusive of trans women, gender non-conforming people and members of the LGBTQ+ community in all of our services.

Toll free: 1-877-435-7544

Phone: (250) 537-0735